Music Pharrell Williams' 24 Hours of Happiness

By Fina Charleson on November 29th, 2013


Pharrell Williams’ 24 Hours of Happiness

Pharrell Williams has finally released his music video for his new song, ‘Happy.’ Helming the title for the world’s longest ever music video, it’s already reached a whopping 3.1 million committed views (and it’s only been a week since its release).

It took 11 days with a steadicam, over 400 dancers, and the boulevards of LA for Williams to make it clear that happiness is the way forward in today’s world. The soulful motown track is played on loop as it’s sprinkled with pop influences and jeering claps.

Pharrell shared to twitter fans, “@Pharrell: None of us are perfect, but we’re all here. There’s room under the sun for everyone. So let’s do it…#HAPPY.”. This is certainly a fresh new way to experience music – there’s even a man dancing on stilts at 7:36.

Who knows what we’ll get next from the creative music producer. This year’s already seen his boost in popularity and worldwide appraisal with the Daft Punk collaboration, the release of Blurred Lines, and the success of his fashion labels, Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM.

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